Adolescent and Family Services

Wisdom Psycho-educational Group: The purpose of this group is to educate youth about substance abuse to help them make good choices to transition safely into late adolescence and early adulthood. Wisdom participants learn about the potential risk involved in making the decision to use substances and work on developing a plan for not using in the future. The Wisdom Group meets once per week. Individuals are required to attend three groups, develop a written change plan and have a negative urine screen to complete the program.

Miracle Group - Adolescent Sober Support Group: Youth that are currently abstaining, or have a desire to do so, may be referred to the Miracle group. Miracle offers youth a place to gain support for making the choice to be substance free. Group participants learn and explore new skills that support Relapse Prevention. Skill areas will focus on increasing distress tolerance, managing emotions, self-care, decreasing emotional vulnerability and increasing interpersonal effectiveness. Each of these topic areas will be considered relative to their influence on drug and alcohol use and how these factors can get in the way of recovery. The goal of these specific skill modules is to learn and practice skills to generate hope, self-esteem, and alternative ways of coping and managing stress that will benefit the youth as they move into adulthood. The Miracle group meets once per week and group members receive drug testing.

Enhanced Programs for Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders: Intended for youth dealing with both substance abuse issues and emotional issues. Programming offers the youth an opportunity to engage in positive peer activities, explore their own issues with substances and related behavioral problems, develop new strategies to cope with life stressors and learn how to self regulate their emotions.

Individual and Family Therapy: Often youth need to work on relational issues that have an influence on their use of substances. CVSAS offers Family Therapy to assist all family members in helping to support positive changes and strengthen the parent/child bond. In some cases individual counseling may be more appropriate than a group setting.