Medication Assisted Treatment Programs

Our Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT Program) provides Buprenorphine induction and stabilization to Vermont residents who wish to free themselves of addiction to opiates.

Eligibility Criteria/Requirements:
- Must meet the outpatient level of care as determined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Placement Criteria,
  and by the Vermont Department of Health
- Must be opioid dependent based upon DSM-IVTR criteria
- Must be an appropriate candidate for office-based Buprenorphine treatment
- Willing to participate in drug testing
- Willing to participate in drug counseling services at an appropriate level of care
- Willing to abstain from alcohol and other drugs of abuse
- Willing to avoid nicotine for at least two hours before induction, as nicotine can prevent optimal absorption of the medication
- Willing to come to the CVSAS office for up to three days per week for the first 30 days
- Willing to participate in follow-up sessions at CVSAS
- Willing to sign confidentiality releases for primary care physician and any counselors working
   with currently or worked with in the past
- Must obtain a physical within two weeks of appointment with the CVSAS physician
- Must have a physician who is willing to prescribe Buprenorphine following induction and stabilization
- Must have a desire to live an opiate free lifestyle
- Must adhere to all program requirements

Discharge Requirements:
- Stabilized Buprenorphine dose
- Minimum of 4 weeks post-induction MAT group attendance
- Urine Screens negative for illicit substances for 4 weeks
- Active engagement in outpatient therapy in client’s community
- A prescribing physician


Methadone Program

CVSAS partners with BAART health services to provide assessment, treatment and case management services for individuals who have been assessed as appropriate to receive methadone treatment and have met the criteria established by the BAART Methadone Program.  Please call (802)223-2003 for further information.